13 dezembro 2006

hai-ku adolescente

confusion in his eyes that says it all - he's lost control.

..in fear every day, every evening it calls here aloud from above carefully watched for a reason mistaking devotion and love surrendered to self-preservation from others who care for themselves a blindness that touches perfection appears just like anything else - isolation - mother i tried, please believe me i'm doing the best that i can, i'm ashamed of the things i've been put through; i'm ashamed of the person i am but if you could just see the beauty, these things i could never describe this is my one consolation this is my wonderful prize..

he's got the spirit, lose the feeling, (let it out somehow).

[os devidos créditos: palavras retiradas, e ligeiramente manipuladas, de 3 canções dos joy division, respectivamente 'she's lost control', 'isolation', 'disorder']