14 julho 2008

não estive lá.
mas, de certa maneira, 'só' estive lá.
serás sempre um dos meus heróis - porque és um anti-herói.

mr. young, why do you keep a kind of old cars' cemetery in your farm?

well, pretty stupid.. it seems, doesn't it? yeah. you known, rusty things are a personal favourite subject. as it is the path of time. once all these beauties were the king of the hill, full of speed, lights and power. so i thought to myself that instead of building other stuff or buying antiques and maserattis, i'd rather go for a monument, a symbol of a civilization that i feel is vanishing - ours.
besides, those aligned old cars are like old friends you can rely on. yeah, you can say i am old man with strange habits. or you could say that i miss the road, in a misterious magical way. dust and rage, neverending roads and the sky above. i like old cars, rusty cars. they remember me that all things change - and yet nothing really changes.

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