23 setembro 2010

escola secundária de tondela, 1987/1988. those were THE days.

back in the eighties - that era of joy for those born in the late sixties / early seventies -, i was in the highschool, somewhere in the portuguese countryside, a bit far from the big city and the bright néon lights.
i remember well one not specially gifted English teacher that by that time was trying to get some respect from a bunch of 'wild at heart young men'. one of the lectures was about the concept of 'generation(s) clash'.
i had the chance of, whilst being aside from the urban modernity, experiencing the power of music, films, books as ways of capturing student's attention, thus, ways of delivering true knowledge, stimulating our senses and our intellect in a totally different manner.
the mentioned topic ("the generation(s) clash") was illustrated by two songs: "she's leaving home", by those four-touched-by-the-hand-of-God-guys-from-liverpool, and "father and son", by cat stevens.
i've never forgotten some lessons:
a) in life, there are always two sides, even when you are one of those two sides..;
b) there are things very difficult to articulate. art is also about that - the ability to express what "can not" be expressed within the common day-to-day human language;
c) if you want to transmit something, be brave and creative, take risks.

this is the power of music: here i am, a kid with 14 or 15 years, in the middle of the eighties, with 10 tiny hearts instead of fingers..